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6 Kick -Ass Tips to Navigate Single Parenting

6 Kick -Ass Tips to Navigate Single Parenting

Life as a single mom or dad is busy, exhausting and often stressful as you juggle your role as a parent, career person and unattached male or female. Depending on circumstances you may be both mom and dad to your children, or you may share co-parenting responsibilities. You might feel guilty that you are raising your kids without their dad, and overcompensate by giving more of yourself emotionally or materially than they need.

Ultimately, as a single parent you feel that the responsibility of raising and providing for your children and falls squarely on your shoulders and you use a little help.

This timely webinar is exactly what you need if you are experiencing:

  • Regular meltdowns because of stress & exhaustion
  • Your child(ren) are acting out at home or school
  • Nothing is going right
  • Fear - Afraid to trust yourself (or anyone else) to begin dating
  • No time for you

What you will gain from this webinar:

  • Tips you can use to reduce stress & exhaustion
  • Parenting techniques to manage your kiddos
  • Recommended outlets for fun & relaxation
  • Perception reset on what a two-parent household offers

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