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I Want to Get Married Now What?

What You Will Learn on the I Want to get Married Now What? Live Broadcast

Why is marriage important to you now? 

Typically this question is asked because of one of two reasons: 

1.  You're  involved with someone who you desire to marry, or 
2.  You decide that you're tired of doing what you have been doing and want more. 

If you decide you want to marry the person you are involved with, this can be a simple conversation. That is definitely the first step because people won't automatically know that is what you want unless you have specifically stated it. 
Once this has been established, and expectations have been set, hopefully your partner feels the same way. 
What happens when one person feels this way and the other is not ready for marriage?  More conversations.

Think about what you want out of a mate.  Does this person fit these qualities and characteristics?  Are these things you can live with? If not, one needs to consider the compatibility aspect. 
Our goal on this webinar is to:

Give you concrete ideas on why marriage now 
Uncover areas that should be discussed before proceeding forward Help you learn more about yourself 


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TuesdayThe 10th
At 7:00 PM

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