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How To Put Romance Back Into 
Your Schedule

What You Will Learn on the How to Put Romance Back Into Your Schedule Broadcast

Romance is defined as a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. Be honest - when was the last time you felt that way? Superwomen have time for everyone but themselves. Often romance is the last thing on our minds.

Often deep feelings of love & excitement are lost on:

* Daily, fractious interactions with our children
* Insane deadlines at the office or in our business
* Exhaustion after a day of work & home tasks
* Too many outside meetings
* Our own insecurities

We will discuss those areas that keep us from being romantic and how to encourage romance with our partners. If you are not currently in a relationship we will discuss behaviors that allow you to love yourself until Mr. or Mrs. Right comes along.

This webinar is for you:

  •  If you want to start a relationship
  • If you want more romance in your current relationship
  • If you keep having failed relationships

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Tuesday November 1st
At 7:00 PM

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