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Why Mother & Daughter Time is Important

Why Mother & Daughter Time is Important

Whether you’re a mom who is single, married, blended, young or old, your relationship with your daughter is important to you. Want to better understand that beautiful bundle of DNA called your daughter? You love her so much, yet she makes you so mad at times! Why is she so difficult to understand? If you could just have one conversation that doesn’t end in “Mom you just don’t understand me” moments.

As much as you love your daughter, your mother reminds you that your daughter is just a younger version of you! It doesn’t help to hear those words when your daughter is only 9…14…21…30 years old.

Maybe you’re asking yourself what does it take to have a warm, open and easy-going relationship with your daughter. Navigating this delicate relationship with topics like intimacyhonesty, and self-esteem, are some of the topics we will cover during this powerful, important webinar for mothers and daughters. If you’re facing one or all of these topics this webinar is for You!

On this EXCLUSIVE webinar, I'll share with you the secrets to


  • Having conversations minus the frustration
  • Why time together is so important
  • Planning quality time together
  • Managing challenging topics


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Wednesday The 12th
At 8:00 PM

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